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Demolition, alterations and additions of substations

SingTel Optus Mascot Substation

Mascot Substation involved the construction of a new substation for the Optus Telephone Exchange at Mascot as the existing substation was running at 120%.

The works involved the new construction of a concrete/masonry chamber substation, a post tensioned concrete/metal deck roof and associated cable pulling pits, customer switchrooms, pit chasers and hydraulic services.

Seymour Centre Substation

The project involved the demolition, alterations and additions of an existing chamber substation located under the Seymour Theatre with the new construction of pits, chaser, access door/hatches and the introduction of new access stairs.

In conjunction with the substation upgrade, Lipman carried out the demolition and construction of a new regional switchroom for the University of Sydney.

Liverpool STP Substation

Due to the expansion of Sydney Water’s treatment plant and the subsequent increased demand for power a new substation was required. The project involved the new construction of a concrete/masonry chamber substation with associated cable pits, access road and stormwater.

Broadway Substation

The project involved the decommissioning of the existing basement chamber substation within the International Telephone Exchange and the alterations and additions to accommodate a new, much larger, chamber substation.

This Telephone Exchange is responsible for the international communications between Sydney and the Rest of World.

Transfield Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
184 Broadway, Chippendale, Seymor Centre – Sydney University, SingTel Optus – Mascot, Liverpool STP.
Lump Sum
$3m, $0.5m, $0.8m, $0.5m
Completion Date

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