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Our Team

A dedicated team of professionals

Our Senior management team embody the Lipman values and champion their implementation in the day to day operations of the business.

With clear communication, unwavering creativity and mutual respect, our process consistently enables us to deliver premium service and results each and every time. Operating a flat management structure brings the expertise of our senior management to the coal face which ensures the implementation of our business strategy is delivered on our projects. It also makes them an accessible part of the business, bolstering our ability to give clients exceptional service and confirming their place as a key part of our business. Its commonplace to see our Senior Managers on our sites, at meetings and interacting with all parts of the business, which speaks to our roots as a family-owned company.

Our Culture

More Than Just Words But Who We Are As People

One of the most integral parts of our business is our team of passionate, experienced and dedicated staff, who consistently go above and beyond to deliver and exceed client expectations.

At the heart of this level of service lies a set of clearly defined core values, upheld by our staff at all times, focused on integrity, creativity, service, commitment and care for the projects we undertake and the stakeholders we work with.

Our Values

Our values make up who we are

One of the most integral parts of our business is our team of passionate, experience and dedicated staff that consistency go above and beyond to exceed client expectations. We thrive on adding value through our creativity and collaboration and believe firmly in capitalising on the strengths of the entire team to drive innovation. The devil lies in the detail and we make sure to get the small things right from the start. From honest communication, mutual respect collaboration and trust, our process enables us to deliver an unmatched customer experience every time

At the heart of this level of service lives a set of clearly defined core values, upheld by our staff at all times, focussed on integrity, creativity, service, commitment and care for our projects and clients.


We are cooperative and behave with integrity

When Phillip Lipman first opened the company doors in 1966, his vision was to create a construction company focused on “co-operative contracting”. Some 55 years later, our construction team are consistently upholding his wishes, operating with integrity and professionalism across the various sectors in which we operate.

We add value through our creativity

As leaders in the construction field, we are active across several sectors, which in time, has built up a track record of experience we pass on to our clients. This expertise ensures we get the most out of every project, utilising the latest innovation, materials and designs to perform to a level, unmatched within our industry, all supported by our robust management systems.

We understand what’s important to our clients and partners

We are committed to providing construction solutions that exceed client expectations, without causing harm to our people or the environment in which we operate. Our ability to add value through the design phase of projects, led by our experienced team of Design Managers, Service Managers and Project Managers, is second to none in the industry. This provides the opportunity of successfully delivering both Construct Only and complex Design & Construct projects.

We do what we say we will do

Having been around for over 55 years, we have forged a name within the industry as a construction partner who always delivers on our promises. Our word is our bond and since the company first opened its doors, we have been committed to ensuring our projects are delivered defect-free, on time and within budget.

We respect and care for each other

Being a family-owned business adds an extra element of care, attention and passion to each of our projects, as we look to continue the Lipman legacy every time we step on site. Our people are our most valuable asset and we surround ourselves with the best in the business.

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