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University of Wollongong


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The Early Start Facility comprises of 5 levels inclusive of a basement car park and a plant room, and will accommodate a multidisciplinary education and research programme focusing on the importance of the early years of childhood development.


The building will accommodate academic staff, research facilities and a range of teaching and ‘model’ spaces. The teaching and ‘model’ spaces will allow educational programmes to be developed and implemented based on the interaction of academic research personnel with young children and their parents and carers. The training of Early Childcare and Primary School teachers will also be undertaken.


The Early Start Facility incorporates the Children’s Discovery Centre which is to provide valuable learning experiences for young children (generally aged 2 – 10) and their accompanying older siblings and adults that encourage them to ‘learn how to learn’ through direct play and investigation.


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“Lipman have worked very hard at building a solid relationship between all of the parties, their subcontractors, themselves and us as the client and that’s really paid off in being able to discuss all sorts of issues and definitely in being able to deal with the changeover of builder where Lipman took over one of our projects in midstream. It enabled us to speak frankly and with trust and know that we were entering into a relationship that was going to be positive. They’re now delivering the product, they have taken months out of the project and the quality of the product is magnificent.

They just recognise that clients are looking for different things these days. They’re about the relationship, about making the job work and they’re serious about what they do. They give everybody a go and that goes from the site staff all the way up to the MD. It’s been good working with all of them and they have all had that same positive attitude, the culture of the organisation is continuous all the way through and it’s just a delight to work with them.

The relationship is such within the site team, that they actually all go and have a meal together at ‘smoko’ and lunch each day. There is always plenty of laughing and carrying on coming out of the lunch room and that’s the site staff and the office staff; ‘the whole shooting match’. I think that really develops a one family sort of approach and I know its supported all the way through the organisation”

Chris Milne – Project Manager at Baptist Care

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