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Royal North Shore Hospital Carpark


Department of Commerce


Reserve Road, Artarmon


$7.0 million


Design & Construct

Project Description

Extension of the existing hospital carpark comprising 5 new carparking levels, road construction, construction of a roundabout and surface carparking.

Reconstruction of Reserve Road involved a staged sequence of road construction within close proximity of live mains services and working in close communication with the relevant service providers.

The works were performed in conjunction with keeping access to the hospital carpark open at all times. On average, the carpark services 900 vehicle movements per day. Construction of the surface carpark involved the decontamination of asbestos contaminated fill materials previously buried on the site and importation of engineered fill to provide a bridging layer on an unstable subgrade.



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“Lipman's culture and their attitude, meant we were drawn to them based on their authenticity and them being really ‘good blokes’ who were willing to role their sleeves up and get on with it and be part of the cohesive team. They also bought enormous smarts to the bottom line and the feasibility of the project, which we had to prove prior to going to a ‘live’ project.

Lipman as far as the relationships, were outstanding people to work with and continue to be outstanding guys to work with and that obviously comes from the top filtering to each member of the Lipman team that we worked with on site were also quite outstanding and really fit the ‘Lipman Mould’, which is evident of impressive leadership and a strong focus on relationships being what they should be.

The airport project….. Lipman did bring this project in under time, I think it was 5 or 6 weeks early. Overall we were under budget and the really crazy thing that we achieved on that project, which I don’t think has been achieved in this country, is that we opened the hotel the next morning after PC.”

Drenka Andjelic – Managing Director at Construction Assignments

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