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Lipman Becomes Proud Members of Supply Nation

Lipman Becomes Proud Members of Supply Nation

August 25, 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander businesses, Lipman has recently become a member of Supply Nation. We are proud to contribute to a growing movement supporting the development of sustainable, innovative, responsive and flexible supply chains.

Engaging with Indigenous businesses creates a significant and measurable social impact. Some quick facts and figures from the team at Supply Nation:

1. For every $1 of revenue, Certified Suppliers generate $4.41 of social return

That means a dollar is working 4 times harder when it is spent with Indigenous businesses.

2. Indigenous businesses are 100 times more likely to employ other Indigenous people

Indigenous employment is a key indicator of strong economic development so procuring from Indigenous businesses is an investment in sustainable communities.

3. Indigenous people make up around 3% of the population but only own around 0.06% of Australia’s businesses

Those businesses are growing at 12.5% per annum! Imagine the impact on the Australian economy if Indigenous businesses were proportionally represented in the business landscape?

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