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One of the most satisfying parts of the construction process is completing an exceptional final result which the customer is happy with. Throughout the years, it’s been our pleasure delivering projects on time and within budget whilst upholding the highest level of professionalism, precision and quality. Don’t just take our word for it though, hear from some of our happy clients below:

"The Incubator is one of the best examples of innovative collaboration between client, designer, contractor and sub-contractors that I’ve ever seen. Together, we delivered a visionary project within budget, on-time, and to a quality that exceeded everyone’s expectations."

Mark Broomfield
- Director of Property, Macquarie University

"The team worked hard to come up with the appropriate solutions for any challenges that were raised by the village operations or conditions on site. Decisions by Lipman were always felt to be made with respect to the Village needs and project objectives.

To sum up the project, we are very thankful to have engaged Lipman for this project. It was a complicated exercise and the level of cooperation and professionalism from the team was exceptional."

Matthew Schaeffer
– Former Development Manager at Anglicare

“Lipman have worked very hard at building a solid relationship between all of the parties, their subcontractors, themselves and us as the client and that’s really paid off in being able to discuss all sorts of issues and definitely in being able to deal with the changeover of builder where Lipman took over one of our projects in midstream. It enabled us to speak frankly and with trust and know that we were entering into a relationship that was going to be positive. They’re now delivering the product, they have taken months out of the project and the quality of the product is magnificent.

They just recognise that clients are looking for different things these days. They’re about the relationship, about making the job work and they’re serious about what they do.

They give everybody a go and that goes from the site staff all the way up to the MD. It’s been good working with all of them and they have all had that same positive attitude, the culture of the organisation is continuous all the way through and it’s just a delight to work with them.

The relationship is such within the site team, that they actually all go and have a meal together at ‘smoko’ and lunch each day. There is always plenty of laughing and carrying on coming out of the lunch room and that’s the site staff and the office staff; ‘the whole shooting match’. I think that really develops a one family sort of approach and I know its supported all the way through the organisation”

Chris Milne
– Project Manager at Baptist Care

"Many construction firms note their level of service to the client as a point of difference, but in my view and based on my experience, it truly is the case with Lipman."

Matthew Schaeffer
– Former Development Manager at Anglicare

“Lipman's culture and their attitude, meant we were drawn to them based on their authenticity and them being really ‘good blokes’ who were willing to role their sleeves up and get on with it and be part of the cohesive team. They also bought enormous smarts to the bottom line and the feasibility of the project, which we had to prove prior to going to a ‘live’ project.

Lipman as far as the relationships, were outstanding people to work with and continue to be outstanding guys to work with and that obviously comes from the top filtering to each member of the Lipman team that we worked with on site were also quite outstanding and really fit the ‘Lipman Mould’, which is evident of impressive leadership and a strong focus on relationships being what they should be.

The airport project….. Lipman did bring this project in under time, I think it was 5 or 6 weeks early. Overall we were under budget and the really crazy thing that we achieved on that project, which I don’t think has been achieved in this country, is that we opened the hotel the next morning after PC.”

Drenka Andjelic
– Managing Director at Construction Assignments

“We have completed a couple of different projects with them now and whether it’s a documented project, design and construct or an ECI process, they’re prepared to get in the trenches with you and work through the problems.

When we visit the site meetings, PCG meetings, the design meetings and the more senior management meetings it's evident that the culture definitely disseminates from the top and I believe the teams embrace it and roll it out with everything they do.”

Steven Ball
– Head of Property Development at Anglicare

“There is that consistency with Lipman throughout the projects we have used them on, and that’s a really good thing for us. It’s an environment where we feel comfortable, it’s a ‘set and forget’ contract we can have with them, we know that they’re going to be honest, we know that they will do what say they will do and I know one of their catch cries is ‘One team. One Goal’ and I think Lipman make you part of that one team and we feel like that that one goal is a group experience that Lipman are more than encouraging to involve us in.

Its value for money. We use other builders as well as Lipman and the experience is ok… but it’s not the same. So we would like more builders to come out and be like Lipman, with all these little bits and pieces that make the icing on the cake and it’s that experience for us that means we know we are not over spending, because like I said before we are a ‘not for profit’ organisation, and we can put that money back into our residents, back into those people that we are here for. Lipman are part of that team and that’s the really instilling thing I must put forward…. They are very, very, very good organisation as far as that goes.

You can see that their culture is instilled in each individual throughout the whole company, from their Managing Director all the way down to their labourers.”

Andrew Gleeson
– Construction Manager at Anglicare

“That concept of ‘cooperative contracting’ came up in the 60’s. I don’t know if I was the first one to think about it but as far as I was concerned it was something new. I can still remember when I proposed the idea to my ‘would be’ lawyer and accountant who were experienced in the building industry, that this is the way I was going to operate, I saw them sort of look at each other as if to say ‘where’s this guy coming from’, but it worked.

I am convinced, that what we envisaged 50 years ago is still being followed very diligently by the people managing the company today.

I think the things I am most proud of were the two major buildings that we built in North Sydney, which were Northside Gardens and Northpoint, the general attitude of the people and the reputation the company has achieved over the years. I thinks its reputation today, is probably even a lot better than in the days when I retired.

The way we obtained work was by negotiation only. If the clients were not happy with final outcome, the company would have ceased to exist and so we actually went from strength to strength because we were doing the right thing and the clients were happy.”

Phillip Lipman
– Founder & Former Owner

“The key to the whole engagement was early discussion and feasibility work that was performed by Lipman, other consultants and ourselves. We were able to design a hotel and agree a construction price that was affordable.

It’s the people that make the difference, their knowledge of construction and their experience.”

Harold Kopelowitz
– Denwol (Developer of Rydges Hotel at Sydney International Airport)

“We get on really well with the Lipman team, particularly the Project Managers and we have developed a really good relationship with them. They’re working on a number of sites with us and we have found that throughout the organisation that we are able just to ‘get-on’ and cooperate and they’ve become good friends of ours.”

Rob Freeman
– Former CEO of Anglican Retirement Villages

“There is a genuine team culture at Lipman that’s quite authentic. We have worked with a number of Lipman teams across a number of projects, and the authenticity of that team culture exists right through the organisation. For me, it’s pretty much characterised by them being a “can do” and solutions based organisation.

They engage with their client, they engage with their Project Manager, they engage with their consultant teams, to problem solve and deliver on the promise.

So at Lipman we find that they roll their sleeves up and they get stuck into a problem rather than distancing themselves from that problem and suggesting its somebody else’s to solve.”

Derek Nix
– Director at Nix Anderson

“One of the key to their successes, is the calibre and quality of their people.

I think it’s a ‘can do’ culture, they’re very proactive, positive, always looking for solution type outcomes for the client and the client’s needs are always front of mind.”

Stephen Mee
– Director at RLB

“It’s us knowing them and them knowing us and we know how to work with them and that’s why it’s worked so well. They can ring me anytime and I can ring them anytime and we can solve each other problems.”

Barry Young
– Director at TTW

“Builders have historically had a fairly healthy disdain for Architects, but I think Lipman really represents the modern builder in as far as they recognise the importance of having Architects engaged in the team.

Everyone has got similar yet different objectives, but it’s the collaboration of the three parties, including the other consultants involved, that is essential. That’s where working with Lipman has been very successful.”

Damian Barker
– Director at Jackson Teece

“The innovation and focus put forward by Lipman to the construction process we found was excellent. The collaboration and cooperation by Lipman throughout the whole project, resulted in a superb outcome.

Lipman as a construction company has shown a depth of maturity and talent, that is both on one hand representing their age in this very difficult construction industry but also their ability to support the youth and enthusiasm coming up through the ranks.”

David Hughes
– Director at Crown Project Services

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