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Young aspiring Civil Engineer, Jason Wong’s work experience on the Macquarie University project

Young aspiring Civil Engineer, Jason Wong’s work experience on the Macquarie University project

January 25, 2019

Off the back of a good working relationship between TLB & Lipman over the years, Savas Christoforidis, Principal at TLB Engineers approached Lipman to place a young aspiring Civil Engineer, Jason Wong for work experience on the Macquarie University project. Savas thought that Macquarie University was managed well by a proficient company and was a good project for a young engineering student to gain experience on a variety of structural elements being constructed on multiple work faces concurrently.

Jason Wong was introduced to the Macquarie University Team late 2018. Jason contributed quite a few big days throughout the experience and the team enjoyed Jason’s colourful character and hungry work ethic and we hope his time at Macquarie University has been beneficial for his career in the future.

This is what Jason had to say about his experience;

” ‘Quote Anton ChekhovKnowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.’

Lipman offered me this valuable experience and gave me the opportunity to turn theory and knowledge gained at university and apply it in a real-world experience on site.

I have been taken care of by the supportive Lipman staff for my 20 days’ of work experience.

The  Macquarie University Arts Precinct Project (MUAPP) is currently constructing the concrete floor slab. Through this experience I have learnt about two different procedures; the conventional reinforced slab and the post tensioned (PT) slab.

The two different types of slabs are both used on site, therefore, I can compare them by using the real data instead of the theory that I have experienced to date.

All of the Lipman staff members have been friendly and willing to give me the time, explanations, advise and answer all my questions. I had 4 different supervisors teaching me the theory of PT slabs, by absorbing their experiences and opinions I will enhance my studies in civil engineering.

This experience will also give me a greater understanding of the working environment in the construction industry.

Working in the summer period was very tiring, however the fully equipped and safe workplace provided, wiped out the thought of the heat, and only left the memory of talking and laughing during the lunch time breaks.

Overall, I enjoyed the time with Lipman. This wonderful experience has enriched my life. Thank you to all the team members at MUAPP, I wish you all the best.”

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