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University Of Western Sydney – New Teaching Facility


University of Western Sydney


Victoria Road & James Ruse Drive, Parrammatta




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The four level building, on the University of Western Sydney’s Parramatta campus, occupies a site area of 5,300 square metres. It accommodates four tiered lecture theatres, eight case study areas, 24 classrooms, six computer laboratories and associated amenities across a total floor area of 8,600 square metres.
These modern, well-equipped spaces were specifically designed to provide thermally and acoustically controlled environments for focused teaching and learning facilities.
The choice of building materials, which are described as ‘robust in nature’, was influenced in part by the large numbers of students who would be using and moving through the building.
The building’s western and eastern elevations respond differently – and dramatically – to their immediate environments. On the western side, the building’s interior and occupants are effectively shielded from both the traffic noise on a nearby busy road and the late afternoon sun by a façade that is, in practical terms, all brickwork.
The clay bricks provide the necessary combination of thermal mass, scale and compatibility with the adjacent buildings. Two brick colours have been used in eight-course high bands, which, together with the corbelling of alternate bands, assist in presenting a human scale to the large, essentially uninterrupted area of brickwork.


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“That concept of ‘cooperative contracting’ came up in the 60’s. I don’t know if I was the first one to think about it but as far as I was concerned it was something new. I can still remember when I proposed the idea to my ‘would be’ lawyer and accountant who were experienced in the building industry, that this is the way I was going to operate, I saw them sort of look at each other as if to say ‘where’s this guy coming from’, but it worked.

I am convinced, that what we envisaged 50 years ago is still being followed very diligently by the people managing the company today.

I think the things I am most proud of were the two major buildings that we built in North Sydney, which were Northside Gardens and Northpoint, the general attitude of the people and the reputation the company has achieved over the years. I thinks its reputation today, is probably even a lot better than in the days when I retired.

The way we obtained work was by negotiation only. If the clients were not happy with final outcome, the company would have ceased to exist and so we actually went from strength to strength because we were doing the right thing and the clients were happy.”

Phillip Lipman – Founder & Former Owner

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