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Macquarie University Incubator


Macquarie University


Lot 191, Macquarie University NSW 2109




Design and Construct


Construction of two single storey innovation pavilions connected by a link corridor. The net area created is approximately 953 sqm, integrating seamlessly to the existing Macquarie University services.

The Architects on the project, Architectus have provided an innovative and unique design for the hub, with the building structure constructed entirely out of timber and designed to be disassembled and relocated at the end of 5 years. There is a mix of engineered timbers coming from Europe (Spruce CLT and Glulam which are relatively new to the Australian Market) and also some locally acquired elements that form the structure and the facade. A variety of new and exciting challenges surround the timber structure and the concealing, reticulation and integration of services with the timber in order to maintain the design intent. The timber structure and architecture is precisely modelled with very tight construction tolerances, with a mix between prefabricated and on site construction methods.


Final images: © Murray Fredericks


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