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The works involved the introduction of a unique glass façade, incorporating a low eperformance glazing, angled fins, irregular glass panels (generally trapezoidal) and purpose made patch fittings, which were all supported from a ‘Tree Like Steel’ frame, which was complete with a metallic paint finish, to the lower levels of the existing, 35 year old, 24 storey building in Sydney’s CBD.
This unusual tree like steel frame was introduced to create empathy with the adjacent Hyde Park and through the prominent sculpture like shapes and patterns of the feature steel work, a visual screen was formed to mask the building.
As a result of the new works, the existing public areas, lobbies and arcade areas were transformed to provide a modern identity to the building entrances/lobbies, new ground floor retail spaces and a substantial increase of NLA to the Level 1 office area.
As part of the new works, the office tower’s existing HVAC plant was replaced with a modern energy efficient plant (chillers, cooling towers, boilers, pumps and inclusive of a significant BMS upgrade) whilst the tenants used and occupied the office tower. As a result, this component of the works received recognition and financial assistance through the Federal Government’s ‘Green Building Fund’.
During the construction phase of the project careful planning, consultation and specific staging of works was undertaken, complete with the introduction of temporary foyers/access tunnels and partial handover of completed areas, which allowed the existing 22 floors of office tenants to continue their business as normal.

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