June 05, 2018

Located at 20 Park Street, Port Macquarie the Sails Resort is an iconic project located on the Hastings River. The objective of the Resort upgrades was to restore and improve the facility to the iconic status once held whilst maintaining operations and accommodation provisions in the North, East and Western wings.

Throughout construction the resort was required to maintain full operation.  This was achieved through temporary kitchen and laundry services being established on the existing tennis court as well as three of the existing guest rooms at ground floor being converted into temporary reception, waiting areas and administration for the resort.

Lipman were able to sequence the work in such a way as to allow milestone handovers of the project to the client.

This included;

Milestone 1: Handover of the new guest rooms, new restaurant kitchen and back of house areas and new ground floor bar and café facilities.  Handover was achieved prior to Christmas which was a great outcome for the client.

Milestone 2: Handover included the new entry, reception, atrium and the new level 2 function space.

Milestone 3 handover included the external areas and carparking.

While the mile stoning of the project (post contract) created excellent outcomes for the client, it created difficult logistical issues for Lipman to overcome; In particular access to complete the milestone 2 areas, while the majority of the ground floor and all of level 1 was now occupied and in use.  Lipman worked closely with the resort to create temporary access ways for resort staff and guests in order to allow construction to continue as seamlessly as possible.

The great difficulty during the early stages of construction was the significant amount of latent conditions encountered during demolition works, including in-ground footings, slabs within the roof space, secondary ceilings, secondary in ground slabs.  Lipman worked closely with the client to re-sequence work and / or change design to mitigate the time and cost issues caused by these latent conditions as best as possible and critically still bring the project in on time.

Of particular interest in the construction of this project was how Lipman constructed the new Atrium Roof.  The original roof structure was a full structural steel portal frame.  Lipman worked closely with the structural engineers to redesign the structure to a light weight steel truss system.  This change meant that the structure of the new Atrium consisted of structural steel wall frames with glazing fixed glazing infill, with a lightweight truss roof frame sitting on top of these structural steel walls.  Due to the free standing height of the Atrium Roof (3 storey), Lipman worked closely with the light weight steel contractor to design the Atrium roof truss structure in such a way that it could be constructed on the ground, roofed, services roughed in, gyprock lined, initial painted and then craned into position on top of the structural steel wall frames.  The wall frames themselves were stood initially on the level 2 slab to have the glazing installed and be painted before being craned into position.  This minimised the amount of high level work required internally to the atrium and negated the requirement for a bird cage scaffold internally which would have significantly impacted on access and the like allowing concurrent work to the ground floor.

Overall the Lipman team managed to work closely with the client, consultants and the entire subcontract team to mitigate a number of issues throughout the project and create innovative construction methodologies to provide the client with a quality new facility on time.
A huge congratulations to the project team and in particular the site team who all put in extremely long days and weeks (and even the odd night shift) to drive home a quality project overcoming a multitude of issues along the way.  The result speaks volumes!

The outcome speaks for itself; it is a demonstration of the dedication of the team and the fantastic culture of Lipman as a whole.  The Sails Resort adds a flagship project to the Port Macquarie portfolio and is making such a presence for the Lipman Port Macquarie team within the Region.

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