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MLC School Interaction – A Huge Project Success

MLC School Interaction – A Huge Project Success

August 23, 2018

MLC year 10 students, Angie & Tia presented to the MLC Girls school yesterday morning in front of 1000 students at the Principal’s assembly about their week working with the MLC project team, in their full Lipman gear, where they showcased proudly their images and experiences of being onsite. As you can see they were “beaming” about their work experience with the team and being part of building their new school.

All the emails are circulating and the MLC team should be incredibly proud on not only delivering but on very successfully achieving one of our core goals of Exceeding all Expectations with the school engagement.

One of the few internal mails;
Simona, Thanks for leading the charge on this school engagement, you have done this extremely well and more than achieved what I’d hoped we could when I wrote in the original submission Executive Summary that we could engage with the school at a different level than just building their new building. I hope they would see our interaction as positive on a number of levels. I agree wholeheartedly with your words “I’m so glad we have been able to be so involved with the school during our construction process and hopefully add some value to the students rather than just interrupting their learning with noisy construction”.

Well done!! It would be wonderful to hear stories in the future of smart young ladies in our industry who decided on a career in construction because of their interaction with you and because we built a new building at their school.

Well done to the whole team in supporting the school interaction and work experience initiatives and all your involvement, which cannot go unnoticed.

The entire Lipman MLC team are looking forward to handing over the building to the school and having Angie and Tia boasting to their friends that they helped build it.

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