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How Lipman Project Teams Responded to COVID-19

How Lipman Project Teams Responded to COVID-19

May 21, 2020

The Lipman project teams have responded well to the challenge of ensuring all personnel on-site are responding to the advice given for working on a project site during this time. Site teams are split up into individual office spaces both within the existing site offices, meeting rooms, and any other applicable space, for some, this included the prototype rooms set up for clients to experience what their end product would be like.

By implementing social distancing measures and limiting the number of people in a space and onsite, the business has adopted Microsoft Teams into daily meetings and operations. A lot of the meetings held over Microsoft Teams are within earshot of each other, making it all the more important to mute microphones, which has become the new etiquette, along with keeping the camera on.

Regular meetings are held outside undercover with limited participants and restricted to 15 minutes. The sites have borrowed some ideas from Bunnings and Woollies and taped out marks on the floor so everyone is aware of what the 1.5m distance requirement is.
The teams now run cleaning services full time and the sites are constantly lemony-fresh as high-touch surfaces are wiped down every few hours. Project teams have been flat-stick ordering signs to put around the sites reminding everyone of how to keep themselves healthy and COVID-19 aware.

Sites have installed a non-contact Infrared Thermal camera station that is used to test the temperature of everyone that comes onto site. The camera scans the person and automatically picks up the highest temperature point showing red for anything over the threshold temperature (38 degrees). A secondary in-ear test is carried out to confirm any high readings registered on the camera. Sites are also using the SignOnSite systems to have workers confirm that they are not exhibiting symptoms, haven’t recently travelled and have not been in contact with a confirmed case in the last 14 days.

While there’s not a whole lot of enjoyment in the current state of affairs, the challenge of finding a way through it is something the teams draw a lot of satisfaction from.

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