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The Mudgee Hospital Stage 1


Health Infrastructure


Meares St, Mudgee NSW 2850


Construction Management


The Mudgee hospital enabling works is Stage 1 of the overall Mudgee Hospital Redevelopment project which involves a major upgrade to the existing health service.  The works will be completed under a construction management contract.

These enabling works will involves various stages of new build, temporary works, service relocation’s, service upgrades and various relocation’s of hospital facilities. These include;

  • Relocation of Shipping Containers:
  • Construction of temporary buildings for Oral Health and Community Health Staff Office Accommodation.
  • Refurbishment of Main Hospital Building to accommodate:
    • Interview and Consult Rooms
    • Hotdesks for Community Health Staff
    • Wound Clinic and relocation of Auxiliary
    • General Offices
  • Decant and relocation of staff from Community Health Centre and Wellness Centre into demountables,
  • Refurbished spaces within the Main Hospital
  • Decant and relocation of stored items in Store Building
  • Partial demolition of Wellness Centre
  • Demolition of the Community Health Centre and Store building
  • Construction of services infrastructure including new sewer main and Stormwater main.

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